Dumb Phones With Full Keyboard For Texting

Need your phone mainly for texting? Then a QWERTY keyboard with actual physical keys comes in super handy. This is where dumb phones really shine: It’s a lot faster to type on a keyboard with actual keys, than on most smart phone touch screen keyboards.

Granted, cell phone keyboards aren’t exactly huge. But for me at least, having keys that I can actually touch and feel does a lot to reduce my typing error rate, and saves me a lot of frustration when typing longer texts or chatting with my friends.

At BestDumbPhones.com, our favorite phone for texting by far is the Samsung Alias 2. It’s 2-way-flip design is unique among cell phones, and it’s just so geeky! Also, the context sensitive e-ink keyboard adds a tremendous cool factor. It’s a pity the Alias 2 went out of production, however for the time being, there are still some new units available on eBay.

Of course, not everyone wants or needs a super geeky phone. If you’re looking for a more conservative design, the LG Extravert 2 simply slides out its QWERTY keyboard from underneath the screen.

Check out our reviews:

Samsung Intensity 2 dumb phone with slide-out QWERTY keyboard

Samsung Intensity II SCH-U460 QWERTY Slide Phone (Verizon)

The Samsung Intensity II is a slider phone that was designed with texting and social media in mind, making it a great dumb phone especially for kids and teenagers. It has a full number and navigation keypad on the outside, just like a typical bar phone. Sliding the phone open ...
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ZTE Z432 Low-Cost AT&T GoPhone with full QWERTY keyboard

ZTE Z432 Low-Cost QWERTY GoPhone (AT&T)

The ZTE Z432 is a popular low-cost GoPhone on the AT&T network. It features a full-scale QWERTY keyboard, great for typing text messages. The keys are obviously rather though, as we would expect with a QWERTY bar phone of this size. GoPhone means this is a prepaid phone, so you ...
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LG Extravert 2 QWERTY Slide Phone With Touch Screen (Verizon)

The LG Extravert 2 (VN280) is a versatile dumb phone that comes with a touch screen plus a full-blown QWERTY keyboard that slides out from underneath. The QWERTY keyboard is great for texting, while the 3.2" touch screen make it look and feel almost like a smart phone without actually ...
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Samsung R355C QWERTY bar phone

Samsung R355C Low-Cost QWERTY Bar Phone (Net10)

The Samsung R355C is a low-cost, good quality bar phone that features a full QWERTY keyboard. Owing to the need to fit all the keys in a rather small area below the screen, the keys themselves are quite tiny, and may not be ideal for those with relatively large fingers. For everyone ...
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Samsung Alias 2 QWERTY two-way flip phone

Samsung SCH-U750 Alias 2 Two-Way Flip Phone (Verizon)

This is one of the most popular dumb phones ever, due to its unique two-way flip design (see the pictures below to find out what sets this phone apart from all the others). It has meanwhile gone out of production, so the Samsung Alias 2 can be considered a true rarity. While ...
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LG Xpression C395 QWERTY slide phone

LG Xpression C395 QWERTY Slide Phone (Unlocked)

The LG Xpression C395 is a slide phone that comes with a 3" touch screen on the outside. The phone slides open to the left, revealing a full-scale QWERTY keyboard, ideal for those who dislike typing on tiny touch screen keys. This makes the C395 an ideal phone for texting, but the device also ...
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Compare Technical Specs

Best Dumb Phones With Full QWERTY Keyboard 2018

PhoneLG Xpression C395Samsung U750 Alias 2Samsung R355CLG Extravert 2 VN280ZTE Z432Samsung Intensity II SCH-U460
Approx. price$60$70$15$60$25$70
Battery1000mAh880mAh (ext. avail.)1000mAh1000mAh900 mAh1000mAh
Bluetoothv2.1, A2DPv2.1, A2DPv2.0, EDRv3.0, A2DP2.1, EDR2.1, A2DP
BrowserYesYesWAP 2.0Opera MiniYesYes
Camera2 MP2 MP1.3 MP2MP2MP1.3MP
Dimensions4.3" x 2.1" x 0.7"4.0" x 2.0" x 0.7"4.4" x 2.4" x 0.5"4.4" x 2.15" x 0.64"4.5" x 2.4" x .4"4.9" x 2.9" x .7"
Display (ext)3" touch (400x240px)1.3", 128x128px2.2", 176x144px3.2" Touch (240x400px)2.4", 320x2402.2", 240x320
Display (int)2.6", 240x320px
E-mail clientYesYesYesYes
Form factorSlideFlipBarSlideBarSlide
FM RadioNoNoNo
Headset jack3.5mmNo3.5mm3.5mm2.5mm
Hearing aidM3 / T4M4M4, T3M4, T4M3, T3
Memory (RAM)50MB100MB55MB512MB262MB
MP3 playerYesYesYesYes
MP3 ring tonesYesYesNoYesYes
SIM cardYesNoNoNoYesYes
SD card (max.)32GB32GB16GB32GB32GB32GB
Speed dial
Standby time10 days14 days8.3 days16 days10 days12.5 days
Talk time2h20m5h6h6h4.5h5h
USBmicroUSB 2.0Yes (w/ adapter)microUSBMicroUSB 2.0YesMicroUSB 2.0
Vibration alarmYesYesYesYesYesYes
Voice dialYesYesYes
Weight (oz)