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Welcome to! We hope you enjoy our reviews, technical specifications, and overview tables of the best and most successful dumb phones. Whether you’re looking for a sturdy rugged phone, a phone with a full keyboard for texting, a basic phone for your kids or an easy-to-use one for a senior family member: We’ve collected the most popular phones of each type in convenient groups.

We hope you don’t mind the somewhat retro style of this guide, we figured that retro phones deserve a similar web site!

Best Dumb Phones Per Type

We have reviewed the best phones in each of the following categories for you:

Best Dumb Phones For Travelling Abroad

If you plan on travelling internationally, there are many reasons why you'd want to take a dumb phone with you. First, it's cheaper than a smart phone, so in case your phone gets damaged, lost, or stolen during your travels, it's not so much of a problem. Second, you won't ...

Best Bar Phones 2024

Bar phones, or candy bar phones, are the simplest of all cell phones. With no fancy flipping them open or sliding out a hidden keyboard, they are somewhat prone to accidental pocket dialing unless you specifically lock the keypad. Here's an overview of the best dumb bar phones that we've ...

Best Low-Cost Dumb Phones 2024

Of course, with a dumb phone, you'll be spending a lot less money on your monthly data plan than if you had a smart phone. What's more, many dumb phones are also quite cheap to acquire in the first place, some of them even unlocked without a contract. UPDATE - We're ...

Dumb Phones With Full Keyboard For Texting

Need your phone mainly for texting? Then a QWERTY keyboard with actual physical keys comes in super handy. This is where dumb phones really shine: It's a lot faster to type on a keyboard with actual keys, than on most smart phone touch screen keyboards. Granted, cell phone keyboards aren't exactly huge ...

Top Waterproof And Rugged Dumb Phones

If you're looking for a sturdy and reliable phone to take outdoors with you, without all the bells and whistles (and cost) of a smart phone, here's a couple of popular rugged dumb phones for you that will resist water, dust, drops, and harsh treatment in general: Compare Technical Specs Best ...

Best Basic Phones For Seniors 2024

Many elderly and senior family members might be a bit overwhelmed with the spectrum of features that your average modern day smart phone supports. Rather than the latest iPhone generation, the older generation often value a simple phone that makes it easy to take and place calls: Large buttons, clearly labelled, ...

Best Kids’ Phones 2024

If you're looking for a cell phone for your child, you might not want to get them a full-fledged smart phone just yet, with 24/7 fast internet access and all that that entails. A dumb phone is therefore a very good option for kids that are old enough to have ...

Best Slide Phones 2024

Slide phones, or slider phones, are more compact than normal bar phones because they hide their keypad in the interior when closed, effectively preventing you from accidentally pocket-dialing or -texting someone. Whether you go for a full blown QWERTY keyboard or prefer a smaller alphanumerical keypad, these phones are typically ...

Best Flip Phones 2024

Take calls like Captain James T. Kirk! Rumor has it that flip phones were inspired by the sci-fi communicators of the first USS Enterprise's crew, of the 1960s original Star Trek series. Short of going back to the good old cable-and-dial phones, can a cell phone get any more retro ...

Dumb Phones, Feature Phones, Basic Phones…

Some prefer to give “dumb phones” a more marketing-compatible name, such as feature phones, basic phones, simple phones, what have you. However, we’re sticking with “dumb phone” here, because we feel it contrasts just perfectly with the term “smart phone”!

So Why Get A Dumb Phone In The First Place?

More and more cell phone users are coming to this site looking for a dumb phone — why?

Going for a dumb phone does have a lot of advantages. Sure, it’s great to have access to a miniature computer (a.k.a. smart phone) for 24 hours per day, wherever you are. Access the internet from anywhere, check your email and social media… so with smart phones becoming more ubiquitous and more powerful all the time, why do so many people still prefer dumb phones?

Being connected around the clock comes with a price, and that’s not just the money you pay for your data plan. Whether you feel it’s time to reclaim your life from the constant lures of email and social media, or whether you just want a simpler phone for yourself or for a family member: We’ll help you find the exact phone you’re looking for.

Apart from cost, battery life is one of the greatest advantages of the dumb phone. How many smart phones do you know that will last for more than a few days without being recharged? Thought so. Of course, this also depends on how much you use your device, but with most dumb phones the battery is more likely to last you weeks.

Compare Technical Specs: Dumb Phone Overview Table

If you prefer to compare the technical specifications of each phone directly, we’ve got a handy comparison table for you.

Compare all the details of the dumb phones we’ve reviewed, at a glance:

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