CAT B30 Rugged Bar Phone (Unlocked)

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The CAT B30 is a waterproof rugged phone made by CAT, the construction company. Made of high quality materials, this phone is IP67 certified to be dust and water resistant. The manufacturer guarantees that it will easily survive being dropped from 6ft (1.8m) height onto a concrete floor. Ideal for construction workers, and anyone else who likes a phone that’s hard to break.

In many regards, the B30 is the little brother of the CAT B100, a previous phone by the same manufacturers.  The B30 came out 2 years later and it is smaller, thinner, lighter, and arguably also much better looking than its bigger brother. It’s quite a bit cheaper, too, and supports using two SIM cards simultaneously instead of one.

The CAT B30 isn’t locked to any specific carrier. Being a GSM phone, it will work with T-Mobile, AT&T, and the like. Its keypad is standard and highly intuitive to use. There’s a basic 2MP camera, okay for taking the occasional snapshot, but not much more.

Call quality is good, and it has a loudspeaker and speakerphone option. You can also use a 3.5mm headset for talking and listening. An MP3 player and FM radio is included; MP3 tunes can also be used as ringtones.

Note that this phone is configured to keep its screen on by default. If you’d like to change this for optimum battery life, here’s how: In “Settings”, select “Display”, then “Auto Keypad Lock”. Set to 1 minute or whichever time you prefer. Your phone is going to last a lot longer on standby.

In summary, this is a good basic rugged phone, without too many extra features. It’s great for talking and it’s immune to being dropped on hard floors or into water, also making it a great choice for kids, seniors, and anyone who may treat their phone a bit carelessly from time to time.

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Specifications & Features:

Camera2 MP
Dimensions4.7" x 2.1" x .6"
Display2", 176x220px
Form factorBar
FM radioYes
Headset jack3.5mm
LanguagesEnglish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German
MP3 PlayerYes
MP3 ringtonesYes
SD card slot16GB
SIM card slotDual
Standby time10 days
Talk time6 h
USBmicroUSB 2.0